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I Love Moms T-Shirt

I Love Moms T-Shirt

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Introducing our "I Love Moms" shirt, a tribute to the moms in your life - whether they’re the plant or human kind! Wear it with pride and celebrate their life-giving love.

*A portion of each purchase will be donated to change-making organizations who are catalysts for change in our industry* 

Crafted from soft, high-quality cotton, this t-shirt ensures comfort while making a bold statement. It is sure to get some laughs, compliments, and might even be the conversation starter that ends in some education, destigmatization, and networking power!

Have you tested your Mom?

Here at Willow Industries we believe in empowering cultivators to provide safe, clean products - for consumer safety and the success of our industry. Quality starts upstream, and the health of Mother plants should be treated with the same care that you would give to any Mom in your life.

With every "I Love Moms" shirt purchased, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a new cause every quarter.

In the spirit of championing heroes, we cannot forget the organizations who are actively making an impact in the advancement of diversity, inclusion, scientific research, and advocacy in the industry.

Proudly Featuring:

40 Tons Foundation

40 Tons is more than a brand; it's a beacon of hope and a force for change, embodying the resilience and spirit of communities affected by the war on drugs. As a Black, woman-owned enterprise from Los Angeles, 40 Tons offers premium cannabis products, fashionable clothing, and accessories, all while carrying the weight of a profound social mission. Rooted in the expertise of the legacy operators who have shaped the cannabis industry, our for-profit and non-profit organizations stand firmly for the 40,000+ cannabis prisoners still behind bars. With every purchase, customers contribute to breaking the chains of injustice linked to prohibition, helping to overturn unjust sentences, and fostering restorative justice. 40 Tons is dedicated to education, resources, and career opportunities for BIPOC and system-impacted individuals, starting with the cannabis sector. Their initiatives, such as career conferences, commissary support, and partnership programs, aim to halt recidivism and open genuine paths for success. True to its core, 40 Tons represents those affected by the system because they share the same scars. Their fight is to ensure that no one remains incarcerated for cannabis offenses while a multi-billion-dollar industry prospers. Every dollar donated is a step towards greater awareness, sustainable impact, and the development of opportunities for those who need them most. 40 Tons isn't just a brand; it's a movement for cultural empowerment, an emblem of the culture, by the culture, and an unwavering voice declaring that the punishment should fit the crime—and for non-violent cannabis offenses, freedom is the only just sentence.

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