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TerpLoc 27 Gallon Terpy Bag

TerpLoc 27 Gallon Terpy Bag

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TerpLoc® wicket bags are intended for backend storage before your product is packaged up for point of sale. The small wicket bags are made for 1-2 pounds of cannabis and the large size can fit 5-10 pounds depending on product density. Our wicket bags will help solve your bulk storage needs and will constantly work to protect your crop from mold while maintaining valuable weight and delicate terpenes.

Place your flower into a TerpLoc® wicket bag after it has been properly dried and excess moisture has been “sweat” out. Our wicket bags are designed to be tied off or sealed with a closure such as a zip tie or twist tie.

All TerpLoc® wicket orders include:

  • Pre-loaded wicket with 100 bags (Both Sm. & Lrg. sizes)
  • Advanced TerpLoc® protection
  • No-Burp Cure
  • High volume capacity: Sm: 1-2 lbs. | Lg: 5-10 lbs.
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