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Willow Scientific Starter Kit

Willow Scientific Starter Kit

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Cannabis contamination shouldn’t be a guessing game. 

Carefully curated by the team behind Willow Scientific, this essential kit gives you a closer look at microbial contamination in your facility in order to identify the source, make educated decisions around corrective actions, and eliminate unnecessary risks.

Guided by our microbial contamination consulting and analysis team, the kit is easy to use and gives you the power to quickly get answers and control over these microbial risks, starting in-house.

Take the next step to identify, track, and solve contamination at the source, while educating your team on best practices. 

Willow Scientific Starter Kit Includes:

  • 10 swabs for surface sampling
  • 10 air collection sampling plates
  • 10 collection tubes for liquids and solids
  • 5 bulb pipettes for liquid sample collection
  • 5 scoops for solid sample collection
  • Instruction booklet on how to take each type of sample
  • Associated testing results of samples collected  - analyzed and reported via Willow Scientific


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